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Suppliers of quality products to the Poultry and Livestock Industry

Ace Integrated Solutions has built its business on providing quality products and systems from a number of local and overseas manufacturers.

Our chosen brands such as Veit, Gasolec, Mistafog and my own range of Electronic Thermostats and Wireless Alarm Systems have made it possible for Ace Integrated Solutions to grow and offer the industry a suitable alternative that satisfies the needs of both the farmer and processor.

We have recently taken on another exciting product from Veit, with the new ECO friendly Hatchery truck range. This product has state of the art technology, providing total temperature and monitoring control with perfect conditions kept throughout the day olds journey to their destination.

Another product of Veit being sold by Ace Integrated Solutions is the BAT 1 and BAT 2 range of poultry scales. These scales are time proven, reliable and capable of storing valuable growth data throughout the entire batch and multiple batches, depending on the type of scale used.

The Gasolec range of Heaters has also been an exciting inclusion in my range, with clever design and strong Stainless Steel construction making this Heater range more then suitable for the harsh environment found in poultry sheds.

In many working environments, it’s imperetive that temperatures are kept within a specified range, as this can seriously affect the working conditions and create stress for either people, plant or livestock. Therefore, we have chosen Mistafog High Pressure Misting Systems, as our main supplier as they are market leaders in there field and offer complete solutions to many different industries such as Poultry, Dairy, Industrial and Commercial.

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    Contact us today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!