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Poultry Scales


Electronic Poultry Scale

Manual loading with computer data transfer

The Bat1 brings you all the extras you can imagine in manual poultry weighing. The scales are battery driven. They are portable with a large graphic display, high memory capacity with long battery life.

Each scale comes complete with an advanced hook (see picture below) making it easy for weighing larger birds.The powerful PC Software will save you time and headaches during evaluation of data, with the advance features like automatic drawing of histograms and growth curves.

Managing your data will never be easier!


  • Capacity 30 kg / 60 lb
  • Resolution 1 gram / 0.001 lb
  • Large graphical display with 240×160 pixels and 4 grey levels
  • Powerful file system with a capacity more than 11 700 birds divided into max. 199 files
  • File groups for simple and quick statistic calculations
  • Males and females differentiation within one file (useful for parents)
  • Internal clock, so each bird saved into memory contains exact date and time of weighing
  • Modern Li-Ion rechargeable battery with battery life up to 27 hours (backlight off) or 8 hours (max. backlight always on)
  • Car charger
  • Internal speaker
  • New advanced hook
  • Portable, battery powered serial printer (optional)
  • USB PC connection with battery charging from the USB port
  • Sophisticated PC software with advanced functions like growth curves,

Have a look at this video on the BAT 1 Electronic Scale

Bat2 Lite

Electronic Automatic Weighing with ON SCREEN Display

BAT2 Lite Scale

Affordable Electronic Scale

The New Veit Automatic Weighing System was designed for the busy Farmer. This scale can weigh the birds automatically, recording the weights ( up to 1000 effective weighs per day) and holding in memory for 55 days, the Average weight, Number of weighs, Age of flock and Daily Gain.

All these results are available directly off the screen and is normally obtained each day when walking through the shed.


To show case the software

“Best Scale on the market”

Electronic Automatic Weighing with Full download capabilities

The BAT 2 – FULL collects all the daily weights, including gain, Co-efficient Variation, Activity and Deviation This information is available via either Reader Card, GSM Wireless directly to your computer or SMS to your phone.





  • Weighing of two genders simultaneously (auto gender recognition)10 predefined growth curves
  • Number of heads weighed
  • Average weight
  • Daily gain
  • Uniformity
  • Coefficient of variation
  • Standard deviation
  • Difference from a theoretical growth curve
  • Histogram
  • Archive for last 370 days of weighing
  • Memory for last 1800 individual birds stored per day
  • Optional memory module for data transfer
  • Optional GSM communication
  • Optional RS-485 line
  • Optional LAN, Wi-Fi and Internet connection
  • Hanging plate or floor platform can be used
  • Weighing can be started with a delay (on specified date and time)
  • Weighing can be limited only to a specified time period during a day
  • Diagnostic online weighing

Sophisticated PC software for data evaluation, including various reports and graphs, export to MS Excel and much more.



To show scale communication




1. GSM communication

Our unique transmission system will send you the data by an internal GSM modem directly on your mobile phone. SMS messages with daily statistics are sent automatically at midnights to up to 5 phone numbers or anytime upon request. Statistics can be sent also to a GSM modem connected to the PC. Scales and computers can be located anywhere in the World, which makes creating large wireless networks very quick and simple.

The supplied software allows you to analyse all data in detail. Every day, you can watch all the saved samples, complete statistics, histogram, and activity hour by hour during the day, activity day by day during weighing, growth curve, and actual setup of the scales.

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