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Poultry Heaters

G12 Thermostat and Solenoid Canopy Heaters – High Infrared

The Gasolec range of Poultry Heaters offers the best Floor Heating potential of all the heaters on the market today. 

Owing to its unique design, the G12 Heater offers the largest widespread heat pattern on the floor, up to 14mtrs effective heat.

The G12 Maxitrol or Asco type Heater, with its unique reflector, is designed to spread the heat over a larger area instead of focusing the heat on a hot spot. 

Each G12 Brooder has a capacity of 12Kw or 42.000 Btu. and can be spaced in a poultry shed between 7 – 8 metres apart providing exceptional heat coverage to the floor.

The Gasolec range of G12 Brooders is made of stainless steel and therefore resistant against chemicals and/or high-pressure cleaning, which guarantees a long life span!

The G12 Heater can be used for CHICKENS, TURKEYS, DUCKS, QUAIL, or any livestock rearing that requires heat to the floor and animal.

These Heaters offer the users many advantages compared to alternative heating systems:

+ Better growth of the animals

+ Shorter preheating before the animals arrive

+ Lower investment cost

+ Creates comfort zones

+ No airflow that can dry out the animals

+ Allows heating of areas with poor insulation and/or no walls

+ Operating without noise

+ All heat produced stays in the room

+ The infrared radiation is aimed at the floor and the animals

+ This leads to high efficiency => lower CO2 output

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